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What Grinds My Gears.....Public Restrooms

Yes, I am a Family Guy fan, hence the title "What Grinds My Gears".  Today I am focusing on Public Restrooms.  I just need to vent a bit here and I'm sure you guys will have something to add....

First of all, who the hell came up with the automatic flusher?  I can't believe some of my tax dollars pay for these things.  If you are a squatter because you don't like to sit on the germ-infested toilet, then sometime, in a public restroom somewhere, you have probably been mid-squat when the very sophisticated sensor detected movement and automatically flushed the toilet.  At this point, fear sets in and you either close your eyes and pray that the toilet water doesn't splash you, or you try to move away from the splash and end up peeing on yourself in the process.  Of course, when you have to pooh, the thing NEVER works even when you want it to - you have to practically run out of there with your head down because you don't want the next person to see the face of the person that left them a prize!  You can't win.  What was wrong with the old style flushers.  I guess if you can't balance on one foot and step on flusher, you might appreciate the automatic flusher, but certainly there are other options for one-step-flusher-challenged folks.

Second, if you are not a squatter, then you perhaps you put down half a roll of toilet paper on the seat before sitting and as soon as you turn around to pull your pants down, the toilet flushes and either pulls the paper down with it or splashes on the seat, gets the paper wet and you are forced to start all over.  This happened to me 3 times the other day.  You try to move away from the toilet and lay the paper down with outstretched arms so that you don't set off the sensor.  Of course, the other option is to use those sheets they have in the stalls now  to cover the toilet?  They are so thin I am not convinced that they really protect you from the germs....and they never seem to rip in the right place!  The way they are packaged, there is no reason to perforate them in the first place - you should just be able to pull out a sheet with the hole already cut

Third, if you sit on the seat without putting something between your bum and the seat, then I'm sorry but you deserved to get splashed!!

Speaking of germs....I am one of those people that will take a couple of paper towels before I wash my hands and use them to turn the faucet on and off and to open the door when I leave. What's the point of washing your hands if you are just going to press down on the dirty lever to get a paper towel afterwards?  Sure, you can try to push the lever down with your elbow but then you usually get water all down your arms and sleeves because they install them so damn high up on the wall.  I'm vertically challenged as it is!  Oh, and if they only have air dryers, I will just use toilet paper to dry my hands - what else are you going to open the door with in that case?  Most of the toilet paper in public restrooms is about as hard as a paper towel anyway.  Either that or it's so thin and flimsy you pull on it and get one square at a time.  (From the words of Elaine on Seinfeld, can't you just spare a square???)  How about those toilet paper holders that always get caught and you have to stick your hand up there to turn the roll manually.  OMG, my blood pressure is rising just thinking about it.

That said, I have a true appreciation for the restrooms that have a trash can (WITHOUT A LID) next to the door so you have somewhere to throw the paper towel (or toilet paper) after you open it.  Those responsible for public restrooms who don't think about those things, deserve to have paper towels strewn all over the place.  I bet all of you have tried to make a two-pointer from the door... if you miss, you are not going back for another try!  If the trash can has a lid, it's just a free-for-all. I have even left the paper towel in the door handle....what? I'm thinking of the next guy!!  My hands are clean at that point!!

Notice I didn't even get into the disgusting habits of the patrons of public restrooms, but you guys can go for it.....what grinds your gears?? 

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The Most Hated Ref in the NHL...

The company I used to work for had a deal with USA Hockey to build an application that would allow them to post scores in real-time on the internet.  Unfortunately, the project was never fully implemented (this was just before the bubble burst), but it was certainly fun while it lasted. 

We started with some playoff / tournament games – the application was not yet completed but functional enough to send some of our own people out to various events to handle the scoring in the interim. 

I was elected to go to Green Bay, Wisconsin to do the live scoring for a high profile hockey tournament.  I found out when I got there that Gordie Howe was going to drop the first puck.  Let me just say that Gordie Howe is my hero – I wrote two term papers on him in high school (or was it one paper that I used twice?  I can’t remember).  Anyway, the fact that I got to see him and even got a smile from him as he passed by me to walk out on the ice was definitely a highlight of the trip and not to be overshadowed by what happened next…

I’m sitting in the scorer’s box on the ice, typing away at my laptop when one of the referees skates over to the box.  I look up at the young man and noticed that the name on the back of his jersey is Koharski.  I nudge the guy next to me and ask if it’s any relation to Don Koharski, the most hated NHL referee in the league –OK, maybe just in Philly but I can’t imagine he’s anybody’s favorite ref.  The guy confirms that this kid is in fact his son to which I replied “Hmph, I don’t like him already!”  (That got a good laugh.)

After the tournament, I met up with the fine gentlemen of USA Hockey in the hotel lobby to go get a drink and a bite to eat.  I had no idea where we were going because I was on the phone with my office the whole time discussing the many issues that occurred with our software application.  When we got to the restaurant, we joined a group of about 20 men – since I was on the phone the whole way over there, I had no idea who they were but I recognized the young referee on the other side of the table.  It turned out to be a whole bunch of young referees all trying to impress a referee scout for the NHL that had come to check them out and who was also at the table, and a few other stragglers.

I am in the middle of telling the two guys from USA Hockey sitting on either side of me about the wannabe referee and his father when I look down at the other end of the table and there he is, the man himself, Don Koharski.  By this time, the men I am with were pretty lit and started egging me on to go tell Don what I think of him.  I didn’t want to make a scene, at least not while I was sober, so I ordered up some liquid courage – what the hell, I wasn’t driving!  We finished eating and got up to say hello to the guys at the other side of the table before heading out.  This was the perfect opportunity! 

Now, I might be a little paranoid, but I was the only female at the table and already felt the little side glances coming my way.  Eyes were definitely on me when I opened my mouth to have a word with Mr. Koharsky.  The conversation went something like this:

Me:  I just want you to know that I’m from Philly and if I go home and tell people that I ate at the same table with you, it probably won’t go over very well. 

Him: Well, I get paid a lot of money to do my job so I don’t really care if people like me.

Me:  That’s obvious.

(Ok, this sounds much nastier than it was…we were just giving each other a good ribbing and it was all said with smiles and laughs…although I do believe there is a little truth in every joke...hehe)

Him: Blah blah blah….your “star” Eric Lindros won’t even play if he stubs his little toe…blah blah blah….

Me:  Yeah, that’s true (I wasn’t going to deny it, but I couldn’t let him get the last word….so I say….)  Hey, I was at the Flyers/Pittsburgh game last week and saw you fall on your arse at the game.

Him:  Haha, yeah the crowd cheered more for that than they did for your team. 

I didn’t need to say anything else – the crowd at the table was cheering…for me.  He might have had the last word, but I clearly won the battle.  The rest of the guys got a kick out of me, including his son.  There is nothing like a 4’11” chick coming at ya, eye-to-eye (ok maybe eye-to-belly button) with some good zingers!  Good times, good times….

Philly is the city of brotherly love and when it comes to sports, don’t even think about messing with our teams.  If you’re a referee officiating in our fair city, you better not make a bad call or you’re definitely on the top of the sh*t list!!  So tell me, who’s the most hated official in your town?  Is it just in Philly or is seeing a ref falling on his arse almost as good as seeing a good fight?  (Ok, who am I kidding?  Nothing comes close to a good fight, but since they don’t really let these guys go like they used to…like the days of the Broad Street Bullies and the bench clearing brawls….at least let us see the black and white stripes trip over their skates now and then.)

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The Greatest Sports Movie Ever...

I used to work as a project manager for a company that installed software in ice rinks and multi-sports facilities.  It was a small company so we all wore many hats.  On occasion I would travel to client sites to help with installations and training. 

I traveled to Pittsburgh, PA to do a training class at an ice rink that was owned by Mario Lemieux and the training facility to the Pittsburgh Penguins.  I am a huge hockey (Flyers) fan, (part of the reason I took the job) and loved being in that environment, even if it was to train people how to use the cash registers in the concession stand.  On this particular trip, I held a training class for the facility managers and office folks who were responsible for scheduling ice time, leagues, private lessons, parties, etc… so it was a pretty large group. 

During the first day of training, we broke for lunch and it suddenly dawned on me that one of the guys in the classroom was a celebrity.  I can’t believe I didn’t realize it earlier because this man was in a movie that was, in my opinion, the greatest sports movie ever...Slapshot.  I’m not a violent girl, but for me there is nothing better than seeing two goons throw down the gloves so when I figured out that Dave Hanson was the GM of the facility and in my classroom, I couldn’t quite contain my excitement.  I immediately went up to him to have a chat.  It just so happened that Slapshot II was being filmed at the time so I wanted the scoop!  When exactly was the movie coming out?  How many times were the Hanson Brothers going to take off the gloves?  How many bloody, broken noses should I expect?  I was a chick, a fan, and I asked all the right questions….I was in like Flynn! 

Upon returning to the office, Dave (we were on a first name basis) would call me directly with any questions rather than call customer service.  I didn’t mind.  Months later, I was working at another facility and my cell phone rang – it was Dave and his call was not work-related.  No no, nothing like that!  The movie had come out and he wanted to know what I thought of it.  I couldn’t believe that he actually cared about my opinion!  Of course I lied and told him it was fabulous.  I mean, let’s face it, that’s not going to be on anybody’s "Movie Sequels that are Better than the Originals" list.  Still, if it’s a movie about hockey, I’ll watch it…and I’ll probably enjoy it....and I did enjoy seeing my new friend doing what he does best.   

If you have a similar story that you'd like to share or if you want to throw out your idea of the greatest sports movie ever, I’d love to hear it…

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